Overcoming the Past

Heather had many obstacles to overcome in the book Of Enmity & Accord. If you, someone you know, or even your child has had abuse from a pedophile, it is important to get help. In this story, the decisions Heather makes and the paths she takes are often a result of the rewiring that happens in the brain to a child who has been abused. It is not an excuse … it’s a fact. Her view on men and relationships was processed through glasses tinted with hurt, fear, confusion, and pain. She is a survivor, though, and will take you through many emotions as you read her story. Check out the testimonials.

If you have a history of abuse similar to Heather, be sure to share your story with a therapist and those you love and trust. Don’t let the past define your present and future. There is enmity in the hearts of those deeply hurt in the past, and as Heather, it is time to come to accord with it all.

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Waiting to Hear From You!


I hope those that have purchased a copy of “Of Enmity & Accord” are enjoying the book! If you have bought the book or downloaded the e-book from a source, please let me know. If you leave your name and email on the “Contact” page of this site, you will receive the original version of a Prologue that was not in the book! If you leave a review on Booklocker.com, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, I will send you the epilogue, unprinted in the book.

I will be blogging about different topics throughout the sale of this book. As a writer, it is difficult to let your characters go public. They are like children to you, and you want to protect them and keep them close. Enjoy Heather on her journeys of overcoming.