ROMANCE: Is it real? Can it last forever?


Romance is what is involved with a love story; it is the part that makes you feel lightheaded and full of heart. If you hear the sentence “Sarah is having a romance with John,” it usually means they are dating, courting, and expressing feelings of love.

In the story, Of Enmity & Accord, the main character, Heather, experiences three very important romances in her lifetime.  The story demonstrates how mixed up Heather is about romance because her view of love was skewed by childhood abuse. Romantic interest for Heather was also manifested from the desire to be protected, especially experiencing a lack of protection by people who should have done so.

Romance is real but only sincere love with a strong commitment lasts forever; it must involve trust. Read “Of Enmity & Accord” (available soon) to discover how Heather discovers the truth about romance and true love.

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