Lynne Glenway, Author

Lynne Glenway is the author of the novel “Of Enmity & Accord.”

Lynne was born and raised throughout the Midwest. She and her husband of 38 years raised their six children while she worked as a medical editor/transcriptionist from home. She has been passionate about storytelling from an early age, having written skits for women’s retreats and for school productions and directing such. Lynne has a sense of humor and a gift for sarcasm that will appear often in her stories. Currently, she continues to live in the Midwest, retired. She finds extraordinary joy in grand-parenting her five grandchildren with their grandpa. Her hope is to continue to create stories and continue to create happy memories for her children and grandchildren.


Of Enmity and Accord: This is Lynne’s first full novel.  Please click on the title above for a description and excerpt of this intriguing romance and suspense novel.  Currently, Lynne is working on “A Cave in Nam.” This should be released at the end of 2018.


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